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We live cities. We see nature.
We think future.
Bringing nature to cities for a better future.

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Landscape ecology. Proper water management. Sustainability that makes sense. We believe these are the cornerstones of landscape architecture; without them, design cannot be sustainable.

Healthy landscape is economical

When we design and select vegetation, we work with local conditions. We take into account altitude and soil type, and carefully consider water supply.

This helps us keep additional costs down because it is not necessary to invest into irrigation systems or constantly provide plant food; this also mitigates the risk of having to replace soil completely.

Water management is essential

Water is plays a crucial role, and is getting more and more expensive. We try to make sure we don’t lose it. We avoid water intensive vegetations, and our designs often feature detention basins, ponds and pools which help retain water in the landscape.

Thinking about the future

We always consider how demanding maintenance will be. We predict possible complications. We consult clients regarding their capacities and options.

Often, not much is needed to ensure that forests, meadows, parks and urban vegetation are healthy, easy to take care of and beautiful. Often, it is sufficient to be attentive and careful, and nature will take care of itself.


Since 2002, when our studio was established, we have delivered hundreds of different projects. Diversity of specialization can be proven by projects with landscaping or environmental focus including forest and pond restoration or settling pond revitalization.

We also have international experience from Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia and Morocco. Frequent cooperation with foreign studios inspires us and opens new approaches to landscape architecture.


We practise true landscape architecture. Be it parks, public spaces in towns or private gardens, our work will also be more than mere decoration. We use plants and other elements to create space with a clearly defined purpose.

We believe in interdisciplinary cooperation in creating landscape architecture. This helps us select materials, technologies and vegetation that truly fit. Our designs and implementation work as a whole, where every element plays its carefully designed part.

What do we do differently?

We design landscape. We work with space. We pride ourselves in specializing in a wide scale of landscaping. We design everything from rock gardens to reconstruction of the water system in a castle garden and urban forests and urban design. We create space. In nature, in the countryside, in cities and in industrial zones.

SL / Our team

Štěpánka Šmídová

Landscape architect and founder of the studio

She graduated from Czech University of Life Sciences where she studied Agricultural Engineering – Gardening. She studied Garden and Landscape Architecture at Mendel University in Brno. During a study program at Universität für Bodenkultur in Vienna she discovered the Austrian approach to landscaping.

She tries to show to professionals and the public that landscape architecture has a significant influence on our daily lives. She believes that our surroundings deserve our attention. This is the reason why you can meet Štěpánka at a professional conference or a talk given by an expert.

She likes Monkey Business music band and classical music. She enjoys doing sports and she has been on Mount Sněžka at least a hundred times :-)

Adéla Černohorská

Office manager

Adéla studied to become an optic technician. She was born with a love for order and detail. She is very reliable. In the studio, she creates a relaxed atmosphere and she will make sure that everything works. Besides administrative work, she takes care of accounting, financial analyses and project contracts.

When Adéla leaves the office, she resumes her role of a full-time wife and mother. She believes her family is the purpose of her life. Her hobbies include fashion and dancing. And she claims that she learned everything she knows about fashion and dancing herself.

Jana Juchelková

Landscape architect and founder of the studio

She studied Garden and Landscape Architecture at Mendel University in Brno.

Watching people spend their free time in gardens and spaces designed by her makes her happy. She tries to show people that landscape architecture is a diverse and an important activity.

Also, she enjoys gardening. Surprisingly :-) She takes care of three dogs who accompany her on her walks. She is an avid runner and she loves spending her free time with her Moravian family.

Linda Duchovná

Landscape Architect

She studied Landscaping and Landscape Planning in her home country at Slovak Technical University. She got a taste of international academic environment at Universität für Bodenkultur in Vienna, Austria.

She enjoyed this international experience so much that she continued her studies at Københavns Universitet in Denmark, where she studied Landscape architecture and Urban design.

Traveling became her passion, and she traveled a lot since. She is the only person in the team who can (still, hopefully :-) speak Danish. She likes riding her bike around Prague and to the office. And in her professional field of interest, she is very keen on innovational technologies.

Lukáš Pinkava


His alma mater is Czech Technical University, where he enrolled to study Construction and Transport. However, he soon realized that bridge engineering is not the best career choice for him. And so he changed it for Faculty of Architecture which was located in the same building.

He admires architecture of clean geometrical shapes with a clearly defined logic, a clear concept and genius modular systems. He uses natural materials in their natural structures and colours, and he often complements these with a strong colour accent and unexpected details.

Lukáš believes that landscape architecture is more than a mere queen of arts – it dictates mutual respect and harmony with nature.

And otherwise, when there is time, he enjoys traveling. He is an avid photographer and zoologist. He loves sun, water and Scandinavian design.

Martina Valachová


Martina studied architecture at Czech Technical University (ČVUT). She spent a year studying at Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany. She would like to travel around France and get to know its culture better. She admires how the French have blended modern and traditional architecture.


In her work, she prefers simplicity and variability, and she enjoys working on her own projects. Martina enjoys traveling; she enjoys high altitude hiking and climbing, and she is also involved in orienteering, sometimes as a winning competitor and sometimes as competition organizer.

Jan Procházka


He received his diploma from Czech Technical University (ČVUT). As a student, he spent some time at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, where he was working on Architecture as Bottom-up Urbanism.

Since his university days, he has been an observer of his environment, both man-made and natural. He is all about detail down to the last cobble stone.

When Jan is not working, he enjoys traveling, mountain climbing or looking forward to sharing the view with his baby daughter.


We may be looking for someone right now. If you are interested in our work and want to participate, please send us a few words about yourself and attach your CV with your portfolio. We will let you know if we are currently interested in some form of cooperation. Your portfolio can also be useful when we look for new colleagues in the future. We will also appreciate external consultants from related industries.

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